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What does it mean to interact with a plant?  I sat with crocuses yesterday, atop the roots of a beech tree, and opened into this question.  As I study with Dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander through their Tree Whispering/Cooperative BioBalance program, and also begin my training with Joanne Ameya Cohen in her flower essence practitioner program, I’m moving deeper into my relationship to plants.  It’s a realm that can feel inspiring and enticing, yet also somewhat confusing, to those of us familiar with western culture’s emphasis on the intellect above all.  If you’re someone who also is exploring what it means to be in connection with plants and trees, you might consider these questions:

–What parts of myself interact with the plant kingdom?  Body?  Soul?  Mind?

–How do I bring my intellect and spirituality together to mutually welcome and process information I believe I’m receiving from plants?

–What do plants need and want from us?  What do we need and want from them?  What does it mean for people and plants to live in Mutual Flourishing on this planet we share?


What’s crucial is that those of us who feel called by the plants simply keep moving into inquiry about what a truly symbiotic, mutually nourishing relationship is, or can become, in the 21st century.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.


For anyone interested in my current course offering, Deep Healing Autoimmunity: How to Discover Your Inner Healer and Your Offering to the World, enrollment ends on Monday.  I’m passionate about supporting people to renew their wellness in relationship to life purpose, service to the world, and nature connection.  You can learn about the course here. Those who enroll in Deep Healing Autoimmunity will receive, for free, all of the content of my winter course, The Roots and Branches of Mutual Flourishing, because I believe the playful work we do in The Roots and Branches is profoundly healing.


If you are trying to resolve a health problem, clearly identify your life purpose, and deepen your nature connection, please enroll in Deep Healing Autoimmunity by Monday and receive The Roots and Branches of Mutual Flourishing as a free gift to support your progress.  It’s my mission to help with reconnecting personal wellness to the Earth’s wellness and I would love to serve you through these courses.

To flourishing,


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