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What does it mean to ‘connect to nature’?  Indigenous peoples and wise folk in all cultures have always known this, but those of us western civilization are re-learning.  One of the people who’s currently providing leadership in this re-connection is my colleague, Tabitha Jayne.  She and I have supported each other’s work for nearly a year.  One of Tabi’s major strengths is making nature connection simple, easy, and direct for anyone who wants to experience it.


Tabi is offering a new book called The Nature Process: How to easily and effortlessly step into your natural power and be the change you want to make in the world.  Tabi’s book is designed to help you not only connect deeply and effectively with the natural world, but also to allow that connection to release blocks in your life, improve your relationships and your work, and help you thrive in all ways.  You can find the book in both electronic and hardcopy forms here.  Tabi is offering three live Q&A webinar trainings to those who buy the book, and the first webinar is on May 10.  I recommend spending this online time with Tabi–she is passionate and engaging and has a great deal of insight and practical suggestions to share.


Tabi brings to her work joy, a great sense of humor, an intense connection to nature, and an expansive desire to help people and the natural world heal.  She has tremendous personal experience in using nature connection to heal herself and guide others in healing themselves and supporting the natural world.  I wholeheartedly recommend her book and her work, and I hope you’ll explore the book soon.  Tabi offered to give me a percentage of book sales since I am sharing news about her book, but that has nothing to do with my desire to share the book with you.  What matters to me is that all of us work together to explore and share numerous types of nature connection and healing for ourselves and the natural world.  In that regard, I hope you’ll tell people you know about Tabi’s book.


I’ve decided recently to bring you this newsletter every other week instead of weekly.  I love writing for you, yet also feel cautious about offering more than people have time to read.  We’ll try the twice-per-month approach for a while, and if you have strong feelings either in favor or against, please feel free to let me know.


Our inspiring news headline of the future for this week is:

April 10, 2060: “Songbird populations globally show excellent health due to successful conservation and habitat protection.”


Wishing you depth and joy in your nature connections.  May you discover and tend Mutual Flourishing for Self and Earth.




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