Relating to plants

Here’s a question to consider: what kind of relationship do you have with plants?  Obviously, you eat them in order to live–and ideally you eat a lot of them in order to be healthy.  We tend to take plants for granted, however, and I wonder how many of us could handle this differently.  For example, can you experiment with a gratitude practice in regard to the plants you eat?  Can you heighten your awareness that any herbal supplements you take are derived from plants, and thus may be a daily gift you receive from the plant kingdom?  If you want to go further, learn a bit about flower essences.  They were first discovered in the early 20th century by a British physician named Dr. Bach.  Other people who agree with Dr. Bach that plants have healing energy to share have developed additional flower essences beyond Dr. Bach’s original 38 essences.  A guide I especially like because it covers both Dr. Bach’s English essences and the newer North American essences is Kaminski’s and Katz’s Flower Essence Repertory.  If you are open to energy medicine–and even if you’re sceptical–you can find healing benefits from the flower essences.  They are a wonderful aspect of wellness and a beautiful way to deepen your awareness of the ways the plant kingdom supports our wellbeing, and deserves our appreciative support in return.

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