In the whirl of ecological problems and solutions, how do you choose your role?

I know you care about helping to create a world where humans live lightly on the Earth and all life forms thrive together.  If you’re following local, regional, or global conversations about what we need to shift in order to make our presence on the Earth beneficial instead of damaging, maybe you sometimes feel lost in the whirl of conversation.  There are so many problems, so many solutions being proposed, and so much debate over which solutions are the right ones.  I often talk with people who are unsure how they can contribute in the most meaningful way.  Sometimes this means they either don’t contribute at all, or they make a number of small efforts here and there that leave them feeling fragmented rather than inspired.


On the one hand, anything you do is meaningful, whether it’s holding our planet lovingly in your awareness in meditation, recycling meticulously, or caring for plants and trees.  On the other hand, in this time of crisis and pivotal shift, maybe some contributions offer more benefit than others.  Some contributions are a strain on your well-being, while others nourish you as you nurture the human-Earth relationship.


A few years ago I found myself slipping off center, unsure whether my key contribution was activism, teaching, mentoring other moms in green living, or converting my home and lifestyle to be as eco-friendly as possible.  I felt fragmented and unsure of myself.  I’ve found my center in the past year or two and it focuses on mentoring, teaching, and writing related to the connections between our own wellness and the Earth’s.  I can say it’s a relief to know clearly what my work is, and what it isn’t.  As much as I would like to become a certified permaculture designer, for example, I’m okay that that’s not high on my list right now.  And as much as I sometimes miss the more traditional scholarship and writing I used to do, I’m totally clear that supporting Mutual Flourishing and the Great Work is my highest calling in the foreseeable decades.  This clarity enables me to contribute my time and talents in the most meaningful way, while also feeling well, strong, composed, and centered in this time of global upheaval.


I want to support any of you who are interested in engaging more deeply with this question of how to find your center in the whirl and blur of our ecological problems and proposed solutions.  My goal is for more and more of us to feel clear about our roles in the Mutual Flourishing transition, confident in our ability to fulfill them, and supported by others.  I’ve come to believe that when you experience the conviction that you are “on path”—meaning, you know for certain that your soul’s mission and your contributions in the world are in harmony—your personal wellness and ability to serve are stronger and the life community on planet Earth is better off.


To help you explore how to make sure you’re participating in your highest and healthiest ways in restoring the human relationship to the Earth, I’m offering a free webinar on Saturday, June 27: Knowing Your Role in the Mutual Flourishing Transition.  I’ll offer perspectives on how to find your center and maintain life balance and wellness while serving ecological healing, and we’ll have time for your comments and questions.  Join me at 2:00 Eastern/11:00 AM Pacific/7:00 GMT by logging in to or dialing Phone Number (425) 440-5100, Pin Code: 921055#.  (For a list of local dial-in numbers in your country, check


I probably won’t be advertising this call outside of this newsletter, so please kindly share the information with anyone who might be interested.  I’ll send some reminders with the access details before the webinar.


In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a question to reflect on: what contributions to restoring balance in the life community on Earth make your heart sing?  There’s no right or wrong answer here—simply the one answer that is true for you.  We’ll go deeper into this during the webinar.


With hope for Mutual Flourishing for Self and Earth,


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