I’m bringing you the Healing Earth, Healing Self Forum

We need to keep building our conversation about how people and planet can heal together in the 21st century.  Progress is visible, yet we have so far still to go.  My new free offering for you is an online gathering of voices speaking in defense of our healing connection to the Earth.


Starting next week on September 18th, you’ll have access to this series of articles and webinars on the connections between your well-being and nature’s.  I’m bringing you insights from a dozen of my colleagues and friends, one article per week.  You don’t need to do anything to receive access to the Forum, but if you know someone who may be interested, please direct them here so they can sign up to receive the weekly articles and the occasional webinars: http://mutualflourishing.org/healing-earth-healing-self-forum/


I’m excited for the Forum to begin and I’ll look forward to your contributions to the discussion.


In the week until the Forum begins I have two additional resources to share with you.


First, my friend Tabitha Jayne is offering another free webinar this Sunday, September 13 (6 PM GMT, 1 PM ET, 10 AM PST) to discuss her recent book, The Nature Process, which guides you in deepening your connection to nature.  You can attend the webinar via this link: http://www.tabithajayne.com/ghangout/tabitha-jayne-september-live-qa/


Second, if you feel you have a personal calling to contribute to healing change in the world, I’m giving you a heartfelt nudge to read Lissa Rankin’s free new e-book,  “How To Uplift the World: A Guide For Inspired Visionaries.” You can download it for free by clicking here.   Lissa has been a guide for me as I’ve stepped forward into bigger kinds of service, and I recommend this book!  If you download the book, you’ll also learn about an upcoming free webinar she’s offering on how to turn your passion for helping into real offerings that serve your purpose.


I’m observing the transition into autumn and feeling grateful for recent rains after a period of drought.  As I talk with friends, neighbors, and my students about caring for the Earth’s well-being and our own, I see awareness growing and hearts opening.  Stay with me, please, on the Mutual Flourishing journey.


To the Earth’s Flourishing and yours,


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