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stones on the mountain top


Welcome to Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall for those of you in the Southern.  May this new season bring you into deeper closeness to the natural world that is our life partner and life support system.


This week I’m sharing two resources with you.  Phoenix Arrien has recently created a Healing Ecology event and a booklet of writings about Healing Ecology.  She’s preparing for an upcoming Three-fold Ecology Gathering, to be held in 24 – 26 April in Victoria, Australia.  The event focuses on Deep Ecology, Sacred Ecology and Healing Ecology.  The booklet of writings Phoenix has curated is beautiful and I recommend that you explore it!  My contribution is the final one.  Please enjoy this arrangement of insights into Healing Ecology by clicking here.


A few weeks ago I was gifted with the opportunity to talk with my friend and colleague, Lindsay Pera, about the relationships between personal wellness and Earth’s wellness.  You can access our conversation here.  Lindsay is doing beautiful work and I hope you’ll support it by sharing her website and this interview with anyone who might be interested.  Social media shares will help spread awareness of these topics, so share away!  I really had fun in this conversation, which ranged from the spiritual relationship between people and the planet, to environmental activism, new research about herbicides and ADD, indigenous wisdom, how our bodies are responding to the way we treat the Earth, how we talk about environmental problems in our culture, and the healing callings many people are feeling.  Enjoy!


To your flourishing and the Earth’s,


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