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                56. Money, Money, Money.

                Two dollars and seventy-five cents.  二美元七角五分。
                That makes ten dollars, right?  這加起來是↘十美元,對嗎?
                Grocery bills are expensive.  食品價格昂貴。
                I'm not rich. I wish I didn't have to pay the fine.  我不是富有人家,但願不必交罰款。
                I only need a thousand more pennies to buy my airplane.  我只要在有一千▲個一角的銅板,就能買一架飛機了。
                I won the most valuable prize!  我贏得了最高的獎賞!
                Here's my credit card, just bill me.  這是▃信用卡,請記賬吧。
                Remember us on payday with a good bone.  發工資的日子可別忘了請客。
                I wish I had half the money he does.  但願我有他一半的錢。
                This month all of my law clients paid their bills.  這個月前來做法律咨詢的客戶全都付々清賬單了。
                All of my paycheck disappears so quickly.  我的薪水在不旋踵之間都消失無蹤了。
                This lady is a rent collector.  這位女士是收ξ 租人。
                If you sign this contract all of your financial worries will be over!  如果你在這份合約上簽字,你就和金錢的勞累一刀兩斷了。
                Your car hit me and now I demand the money to pay the doctor with!  你的汽車撞了我,所以我要求◇你支付賠償。
                Payday is here again.  又到了領薪水的日子了。
                Here's the money you need. The interest rate is 25%.  這是你要的錢,利息是25%。(謀殺!)
                Just deposit your money with us; we'll take good care of it.  請存在本銀行,我們會負責保管的。
                With the rate of inflation I borrow money from the bank.  由於通貨膨脹〓,我要向這家銀行貸款。

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