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                GMAT 學英語,練聽力,上聽力課堂! 註冊 登錄
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                1)Two recent publications offer different assessment of the career of the famous British nurse Florence Nightingale.(主題句,由此句和三段首句可知本文是結論解釋型文章,即主要特點是總分々式)A book by Anne Summers (觀點之一)seeks to debunk (負評價的實義動ξ 詞)the idealizations and present a reality(正評價詞)at odds with Nightingale’s heroic reputation. According to Summers, Nightingale’s importance during the Crimean War(和觀點二比較的差別點) has been exaggerated(負評價的實義動詞): not until near the war’s end did she become supervisor of the female nurses. Additionally, (遞進副詞,表示行文方向一◥致,因此後面內容可以略讀,僅提煉關≡鍵詞即可,或不讀)Summers writes that the contribution of the nurses to the relief of the wounded was at best marginal. The prevailing problems of military medicine were caused by army organizaitonal pratices, and the addition of a few nurses to the medical staff could be no more than symbolic. Nightingale’s place in the national pantheon, Summers asserts, is lrgely due to the propagandistic efforts of contemporary newspaper reporters.(以上略讀)

                2)By contrast(重要的強↘轉折詞,註意對比方/觀點》的差異點), the editors (對比觀點二)of a new volume of Nightingale’s letters view Nightingale as a person who significantly influenced(正評價詞) not only her own age but also subsequenct generations. They highlight her ongoing efforts to reform sanitary conditions after the war(觀點二比較的差別點,和№觀點一中during the Crimean War對比,這一句是後面舉例的總結句,重要,知道總結句可以不用看後面的例子。). For example,(舉例通常可以略╱讀,只提取例子中的關鍵詞,如peacetime living conditions,舉例的關鍵看前後的總結句,這裏是for example 前面的一♂句話,因為例子都是用來說明總結句的,只要明白總結句的意思就行了。

                ) when she leanred that peacetime living conditions in British barracks were so horrible that the death rate of enlisted men far exeeded that of neighboring civilian populations, she succeeded in persuading the government to establish a Royal Commission on the Health of the Army. She used sums raised through public contributions to found a nurses’ traning hospital in London. Even in administrative matters, the editors assert, her practical intelligence was formidable: as recently as 1947 the British Army’s medical services were still using the cost-accounting system she had devised in the 1860’s.(以上略讀)


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