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                Never Give Up 永不放棄






                “If I could reach higher, just for one moment to touch the sky…”---this is from my favorite song Reach.

                When we are appreciating the passionate melody of Gloria Estefan, we could hardly imagine that she could return to the stage after her paralysis. In the year 1990,


                this Cuban singer was knocked down in a traffic accident, and the doctor declared that she might never walk again. But Gloria did not give up and kept up constant exercising. Just one year after the disaster, she stood up again and presented this encouraging song at the Atlanta Olympics.

                Whenever I think of Gloria, I can’t help recalling my memory seven years ago, when I first entered university. Naturally shy, ordinary looking, average scores in study, just like an ugly duckling, I seemed to be the least outstanding one in my class. And the successive failures in the beginning led me into despair. “Am I destined to take the back seat to others?” Unwilling to submit to the fate, I paid more efforts on my study as well as many other activities, film dubbing, recital, drama… cause I just want to catch every little opportunity to prove myself. Constant effort yields sure success. Thanks to the competition, I received some awards and most of all, I gained the courage and confidence to face any difficulties in my life journey.

                Life is just like farming, and what you can reap depends a lot on your sowing and dedication. Once you have a dream, don’t be hesitant. Your next difficult step may be the one to the top. Keep going forward, even in the toughest time, and never give up.

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