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                  You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks.

                  Which country would you like to visit?

                  Model Answer:

                  I am a person who likes to travel. I think traveling is a great opportunity to meet new people, gain more knowledge and experience, and learn new customs and traditions. I did not travel a lot yet, but I am sure I will have a chance to do it. So, if I had the opportunity to visit a foreign country I would visit Egypt. I think it is a great and very interesting country with marvellous history. In the following paragraphs I will give some reasons to support my choice.

                  First of all, I always dreamed to visit Egypt pyramids. My aunt visited Egypt a few years ago. She was very excited after that trip and said that she would return there one more time at any cost. She said that Egypt had impressed her very much with its glorious pyramids and ancient buildings. Second of all, I think that in that country one can touch history, feel the hard breath of workers building a pyramid under the parching sun, and see the chain of camels walking in the desert with the huge trunks full of presents for Cleopatra on their humps. Finally, I want to see a real dessert and ride the camel. All my friends who rode the camel say that it is an unforgettable experience.

                  I believe that I will have a chance to visit this beautiful country someday. Unfortunately, now I have plenty of plans and things to do, so, I am afraid that I will not be able to travel for the next two years. I want to finish my education and then find a job, and these things have higher priority then traveling. My husband wants to visit this country too and we made an agreement to make our trip to Egypt on our five years anniversary which is in two years.

                  In conclusion, I want to add that after my trip to Egypt I will definitely visit Australia. This country is the second one on my list the most wanted to see.



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