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                行業英語 學英語,練聽力,上聽力課堂! 註冊 登錄


                > 行業英語 > 旅遊英語 > 出國旅遊口語盡◢收眼底 >  第15課







                1. I’ll have the bellhop see to your bags. 我會讓行李員給您拿行李的。

                2. May I know your name and room number? 您能告訴我您的名字及房間號嗎?

                3. You forgot to put in the date of your departure. 你忘記填寫離開日期了。

                4. May I use my credit card in place of a room deposit? 我可以用信用卡來代替房間保證〗金嗎?

                5. The girl at the reception desk is quite very forthcoming. 接待處的那位小姐相當熱心。

                6. If you need a morning-call, please call the reception desk. 如果你想要叫醒服務,請撥打〓服務臺電話。

                7. You have got altogether four pieces of baggage, have you? 您一共帶了@ 4件行李,是不是?

                8. You can check luggage here. Please go through the formalities. 您可以把行李寄存在這裏。請您辦一下寄存手續。

                9. To check in, you should at first go to the reception desk to register. 要入住的話,你應當首先去總臺登◆記。

                10. Would you please fill out this form while I prepare your key card for you? 請您把這份表填好,我給您開出入證,好嗎?

                bellhop:旅館行李員。與bellboy, bellman, porter同義。

                Reconfirming the Schedule for the Stay 再次確認入住的行程表
                A: Good morning, everyone. May I know who is the tour leader, pleaese?
                B: Good morning. It’s me, Mary Black.
                A: How do you do, Mary? I’m Sally, the attendant of the front desk. Welcome to our hotel. I’d like to reconfirm the schedule for your stay here.
                B: All right.
                A: Is there any change in the number of your group?
                B: Not yet.
                A: OK. Your time of check-out is at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Is there any change?
                B: Oh, yes. 9 o’clock will be all right?
                A: Of course. We’ll arrange a morning call at 8 o’clock. Will that be fine?
                B: No problem.
                A: Would you please put all your bags in front of your room door by 8:30? The bellman will pick them up for you.
                B: Sure.
                A: If there is any change, could you notify the front desk, please?
                B: That’s for sure!

                A: 大家早上好。請問▲領隊是誰?
                B: 早上好。是我,瑪麗•布萊克。
                A: 您好,瑪麗。我是薩莉,前臺的服務員。歡迎光臨我們賓館。我想再次確認一下您在這兒的行程表。
                B: 好的。
                A: 團隊的成員人數有變化嗎?
                B: 到現在為止還沒有。
                A: 好的。您結賬的時間是明天早上8點半。有變動嗎?
                B: 哦,有的。9點鐘行嗎?
                A: 當然可以。我們會安排8點鐘的喚醒電話,合適嗎?
                B: 沒問題。
                A: 請您在8點半把所有的行李放在門口,好嗎?行李員會幫您搬ξ 運的。
                B: 行。
                A: 如果有任何變動,請通知前臺,好嗎?
                B: 一定!



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