Can your personal healing journey assist the Earth?

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Welcome back to the Healing Earth, Healing Self Forum.  In this week’s article, my Canadian-Australian friend, Rebecca French, shares her experiences with one of my favorite questions: does your personal healing progress benefit the Earth?  Here’s Rebecca’s reflection, which connects so well to my own experiences.


If you’re anything like me, when you started your personal healing journey, helping the Earth wasn’t your top priority.  You were thinking about yourself, not that that’s a bad thing. For me, my personal healing journey started with a chronically sore back, depression, and having a lot of digestion/health-related issues. It was affecting all my closer personal relationships, from marriage to interactions with my children and parents.  Over the course of five years of craniosacral therapy, I experienced amazing physical changes such as the pain in my back easing and the digestive issues improving.  However, the “side benefits” which I hadn’t even considered included a vast improvement in personal relationships.  As I began to relate better to my parents, husband and children, they all began to relate better to each other.  There was more laughter, more love and less anger and misunderstanding.  The more work we did together, the more benefits began to surface.  As relationships and personal health improved, so did my relationship to the Earth.  I was feeling less separation and more connection to all that is.

What does a connection to the Earth look like?  Well, in the beginning it might be little things like being more aware of where our food comes from, or looking into sustainability and eco-friendly products and being more aware of what and how we consume everything from food to electronic products.  It could be taking time out to appreciate a beautiful sunset or taking the long drive home from work to catch a glimpse of the waterside.  It could even be picking up trash you find on the side of the road instead of walking past it like others may do.

Over the years of personal healing, things changed, healing continued.  I became a vegetarian and at one stage was a completely raw vegan for two years and the healthiest I have ever felt in my life.  I was feeling more connected to the world around me, thinking of others, thinking of how beautiful the trees looked or the birds sounded in the morning.  I was really thinking about where my food came from, learning about GMO’s and pesticides and other such things in depth, and getting to know my local farmers.  Gradually, little by little over time, I began to feel more connected to Mother Earth.  I began to look at the full moon and feel its energy.  I could sense the healing power of the wildlife when out in nature.  It was pointed out to me by a friend that perhaps it wasn’t just that I was feeling better while out in nature, but that I was healing nature too.  I hadn’t really thought of that possibility before.  Could little me possibly heal nature?  I had mentioned to my friend that there was tingling in my hands and feet at times since completing Reiki training .  She suggested going outside and putting my tingling feet on the ground and giving the energy back to the Earth!  What a neat idea, that I could give energy to the Earth.

When we start to look at the world in a different way like this, we begin to realise that every single one of us can make a difference. Every single one of us is connected to the Earth, just as we are connected to each other.  When we change how we act towards each other and the Earth, we help others to see what they can do differently. If we are all connected and we are all one, every action we do should be for the benefit of the greater whole.  Connecting with nature is the beginning.  Taking deliberate action is the next step.  If we really feel called to, this could involve standing up for a particular cause.  Championing the cause of the honeybees and their decline on the Earth is just one cause that comes to mind, and there are so many others.  If a cause doesn’t come to mind or we feel we aren’t the activist type there is still something we can do.  We can send love out to nature, the trees, or flowers on a daily basis, making it part of our meditation practice.  We can have gratitude for all that the world does for us.  Think of how different our life is for having trees, flowers, flowing rivers and pristine beaches.  We can all send our love and gratitude to the Earth and all the people upon it and feel that connection.

Imagine if every person was working on their own personal healing and connecting to each other and the Earth.  Imagine the changes resulting from filling the world with more love and less anger as a result of this healing and connection.  Imagine a world filled with love.  We are all ONE.


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Energy healer Rebecca L. French says of her work: “I’m a mud clearer. A lotus bloomer. Ready to wipe the dirt away so you can transform from your past and use it to find your path forward. I work with life force energy, unblocking the areas of trapped energy which are holding you back. If you feel stuck in the mud, unable to see the surface, I can help clear the way. This energetic release can ease many layers of emotional and physical pain. I’m here to untangle you from the past so you can step peacefully into your true power. It’s time to let go of what was, embrace what is, and stand empowered in your life purpose.”  You can find Rebecca at

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