3 Tools for Transforming the Human/Nature Relationship

Welcome back to the Healing Earth, Healing Self Forum.  This week I’m delighted to share an article by Basia Alexander and Jim Conroy, who write about how we can move forward into creating truly healed and healing relationships with nature.  Jim and Basia teach wisely about how to communicate and collaborate with the Beings of Nature.  I hope you’ll read every word, then follow their strategies.



After centuries of seeking to control, believing in domination, and feeling that science is superior to Nature, humanity is now beginning to transform its relationship with Her.

Enlightened stewardship is arising, especially through these three tools.

Expanded Communication

While trees, bees, deer, and other living Beings of Nature don’t verbalize with human language, they contain profound intelligence. They know how to survive in their ecosystems. It is up to people to develop and expand sensory awareness and intuitive receptivity in order to share information with the consciousness of living Beings.

In other words, people can ask questions and get answers through their inner hearing, inner seeing, and inner knowing. It’s an exchange of information. Once a dialog is started, the relationship can flourish because Beings such as trees, insects, animals, and even disease organisms are eager to “talk” with people.

But communication requires trust. The control-domination-superiority paradigm has trained most people that without physical evidence, the unseen is not believable. However, in the new worldview that Dr. Edmund Bourne discusses in his book, Global Shift, intuitive ways of knowing are being recognized as valid. So, trust the messages that come into awareness from Nature.

Go outside and sit. Quiet the inner chatter, then just listen or look. Cultivate the dialog further with a meditative practice or with guided visualization exercises from our book, Tree Whispering: Trust the Path.


Collaborative Partnership

Who collaborates? Equals. In the new human/Nature relationship, foster collaboration by communicating and being an equal partner. Realize that all have value––yes––even that scary bug or yucky goo dripping off the tree. Then, act in an enlightened way: Don’t kill it.  As a partner with Nature, killing one living Being in favor of another becomes unimaginable, and this includes the organisms that many gardeners call “invasives.”


Adopt the Philosophy “Live and Let Live”

People honor Nature Beings’ lives by adopting the philosophy “live and let live.” As people help the living Beings of Nature become more healthy and as people see how deeply interconnected all life must be, they want to re-establish peace and balance in their backyards, towns, and even regions. EcoPeace Treaties® accomplish this.  It’s a bio-energetically-based three-way agreement among equals: 2 organisms that are at odds with each other and people.

Facilitating EcoPeace Treaties enables deep transformation in the human/Nature relationship. Few experiences are more thrilling or more spiritually profound than asking organisms what they need to live and what they are willing to give so that another organism can live. In our research with Pines and Bark Beetle, Ash trees and Emerald Ash Borer, Deer and vegetables, and others, we have shown that organisms can co-exist in mutual support.

Is this level of environmental restoration possible?  Many people feel resigned and want to give up.  Negative media undermines people’s willingness to take action.  That’s the real tragedy. But, the 3 tools headlined above are transforming the human/nature relationship and leading to enlightened stewardship.


Enlightened Stewardship

It’s happening now. Collaborating as equals while using the idea “Live and Let Live” has been successfully implemented by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people.

When Hurricane Sandy was coming in 2012, we wanted to help people help their trees.  We emailed a list of intentional messages that we called the Storm Prep Whispers.  People connected with their love of their trees, then communicated those messages from their hearts to the deep intelligence of their trees.  People felt empowered. They sent the Storm Prep Whispers on to their e-lists and on and on. In return emails, people told their stories about saving their trees. We made a book out of their sharings: People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy.  We are grateful to those who put this vision of collaboration into reality.

People can help the living Beings of Nature. Don’t try to reverse ecological damage by fighting against the old thinking. Adopt a new kind of thinking and the foundation for the old ideas will crumble.


Do these things to firmly establish the transformed human/Nature relationship:

  1. Communicate often. Envision an alliance of equals wherein people communicate openly and freely with trees, plants, bees, insects of every kind, disease organisms, animals, “invasive” insects and diseases, and others in an ecosystem.
  2. Collaborate as an equal partner with the Beings of Nature in any activity done outside.
  3. Adopt the philosophy “Live and Let Live”


Finally, recognize the power of balance and collaboration.  Balance is more powerful than discord.  Harmony within a backyard ecosystem ripples out to affect other ecosystems nearby because ecosystem members share their healthy bio-energy in their natural communities. Find faith in self and believe in inner truths.  Then step forward into meaningful and lasting action.



Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®, received his PhD. in Plant Pathology from Purdue University in Indiana.  After more than 25 years as a plant and tree health Senior Executive in a Fortune 50 chemical company, he did a 180º turn-around.  “Dr. Jim” developed the Green Centrics™ system, an holistic bio-energy healing, hands-on, no-product, green solution.  As its principal practitioner, he works at estates, golf courses, commercial locations and at people’s homes to heal stressed trees by mending their internal parts and functions.  Dr. Conroy’s breakthrough leading to Cooperative BioBalance™ came through his profound connection with members of the Plant Kingdom.

Ms. Basia Alexander, The Chief Listener™, has a B.A. in Communications from Beloit College.  As Training Director for an Apple Computer dealership and as an Adjunct Professor, Basia wrote and delivered desktop publishing trainings.  She followed a calling to write on spiritual and personal growth topics then created ReVitalizations™–a health and creativity coaching and workshop business.  After certifying as a BodyTalk System practitioner, her love of trees and plants led her to co-found Plant Health Alternatives, LLC.  Basia writes all Tree Whispering® manuals and teaches with Dr. Conroy.  As an innovator in the discipline of Conscious Co-Creativity, Basia helps to develop Cooperative BioBalance™.

Please contact Basia and Jim at www.CooperativeBioBalance.orgwww.PlantKingdomCommunications.comwww.TreeWhispering.com, or www.EcoPeaceTreaties.org


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